Miftaah Services

One of the main objectives of Miftaah is to provide the individual a chance and opportunity to educate themselves. Due to the different demographics of people, humans choose different means to educate themselves about Islam. Some may take the route to physically register for a 3 year long course or maybe a summer Intensive which may be more fruitful but requires more time and commitment. Others may choose to stay within their own communities and Masaajid to learn about their Deen. Hence, in an effort to affirm that everyone has this equal opportunity to learn about this beautiful religion, Miftaah is committed not only to serve the students that come to their facility but is equally dedicated to serving communities across North America.  We provide lectures and speakers for Jummah, seminars, and Halqas and also offer specific workshops and classes, such as "Pray like Your Prophet" and " A Walk through Jannah" which are more intensive and engaging. Our speakers have been traveling across North  America for these services and intend to continue to do so. 


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