Introduction to Quran Translation

Like Introduction to Hadith, this course allows students to try their hand at applying the grammatical concepts learnt in other courses to analyze and interpret Islamic primary sources. The course methodically guides students through the last Juz’ of the Qur’an and gives students experience translating the uniquely dynamic and engaging style of the Qur’an’s Arabic into English. Along with simple translation, students will learn to recognize and appreciate the thematic coherence between verses and chapters, the deeper meanings of Arabic words, grammatical nuances, the historical context of the revelation of various ayahs, and Qur’anic commentary based on Hadith and the authoritative interpretations of the recognized exegetes of the first generations of Islam. Students are also encouraged to develop and discuss personal reflections on the Qur’anic text and lessons for their contemporary times. 

Books: Juz' Amma Translation | Credits Earned: 3 | Duration: 1 year

Course Objectives

Ø  Commentary and translation on the full 30th Juz based on Hadith and interpretation of earlier generations

Ø  Word to word translation 

Ø  Special attention to the major themes covered in this chapter

Ø  Purpose of revelation for specific Ayaahs and Surahs

Ø  Memorization of all grammar

Ø  To be introduced to the literary beauty of the Qur’an through one case study example each session

Ø  To develop a sound grasp of critical vocabulary (in simple terms, vocabulary that shows up on virtually every page of a copy of the Qur’an) and to memorize it with meaning

Ø  Personal reflections and lessons for contemporary times