Tajwīd I

This is the first of three courses that constitute the complete Tajwid curriculum provided by Miftaah Institute. Tajwid I will teach students the rules relating to beginning recitation, the points of articulation for each Arabic letter, the rules for elongating the pronunciation of vowels, and the rules for embellishing the sounds of different groups of consonants. This course forms the basis for future courses which will delve into more complex aspects of Tajwid and expound upon the many subtleties of the science. 

Books:  Tajwīd for Beginners | Credits Earned: 1 | Duration: 2 Semesters

Course Objectives

Ø  Develop proficiency in Qur’anic Recitation

Ø  preserving and perfecting the pronunciation of the Quran

Ø  Focus is placed on pronouncing each letter correctly through identifying the subtle differences between each letter’s point of articulation (makhraj) and characteristics (sifāt)