Miftaah Online is

centered around two foundations:

Arabic & The Quran. 

In order to truly understand the depth of the meanings in the Quran one has to be exposed to the Arabic language, the Prophetic narrations and his blessed life (saw). 



Our busy schedules have made it difficult for many us to learn from on-site or traditional classroom settings. Family, busy work schedules, or school, are just some of the many factors that sometimes make it difficult for us to learn more about our religion and we get it and respect it. Therefore have designed the course with realistic goals, created a support system for you to engage with us outside the classroom, and access previous recordings incase you need to.


Lets be honest, there are a lot of videos and materials floating around the internet, easily accessible and for the most part free. However, its frustrating when you don’t understand a concept or want to ask a question. Another common frustration is when you are watching a pre-recorded video but the instructor is talking to the students in front of them and not to YOU. Therefore, it is our goal to recreate the in-class experience as close as possible. All of our classes are live classes which allows the students to ask questions and answer questions in real time. In addition, every class will be recorded and available for students to review previous concepts. Also, class notes and audio recordings will be provided to students to enhance their learning experience.

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We are proud of the fact that the high quality of our online program is available at a fraction of the cost that you may find elsewhere. We understand that furthering your islamic education usually comes at a cost and to help you minimize that cost, we are offering students a payment plan as well as financial aid for those who qualify. 

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The Miftaah curriculum has been developed and refined after years of study and teaching. To see the entire course break down, subjects, timings, and tuition, enter your email address and to download the entire course syllabus.

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