Prophet Muhammed ﷺ states:

"Glad tidings to that individual who becomes a miftaah (key)  towards good and a lock towards evil." (Sunan Ibn Majah)

Miftaah Institute aims to be an educational platform for people to have an opportunity to learn or teach and develop being the key towards spreading divine knowledge, acting upon it, and emerge as inspirational leaders in their communities. 


At Miftaah Institute, we accomplish this mission by  encouraging a 3 step process, about which the Prophet ﷺ indicated:

"Allah blesses the face of that individual who listens to my narrations, protects, and preaches it to others". (Al-Tirmidhi)

Hence, at Miftaah Institute we undertake this mechanism of teaching and learning:

                              1) Educate: Pursue knowledge. 

                              2) Preserve: Protect knowledge by practicing upon it.

                              3) Application: Educate and empower others.  

Miftaah Institute offers a rich, transformation of Arabic literacy. People have this zeal to pursue sacred knowledge, however responsibilities, obligations, and other commitments hinder them. We recognize this dilemma, and therefore provide a diverse set of tailored, educational programs to accommodate their goals. This includes weekly classes, workshops, summer intensive course, and live podcasts.