Masters of Islamic Studies


The aim of the course is to provide students with a vast and strong broad-based knowledge and critical skills in the study of Islam. Students must be graduates of the Associate program or complete an entrance exam in order to gain admission in the Masters Program. The students will study subjects that will give a good understanding of the teachings of Islam, addressing the practical, contemporary and spiritual aspects of Islam. The course provides students with an in-depth understanding of the Islamic faith and its adherents, which would benefit teachers, public servants, companies or any individual or institute dealing with Muslims regularly. A student will leave this program as an A'alim or a scholar of Deen and may serve as an Imam or director of an organization. 

Course Objectives:

  • Provide an introductory level of knowledge in Islam for postgraduate university study.
  • Impart introductory knowledge of Islam in theology, Islamic practice and contemporary issues.
  • Support students in their research of an original work in Islamic studies.
  • Encourage academic writing and information literacy appropriate to postgraduate level.