Miftaah Lite

(3-Year Associate Program)

Toledo, OH


Miftaah Lite aims to provide students with in-depth knowledge of the various disciplines of Islamic Studies. Students will study Islam from within its tradition and cover classical scholarly approaches, providing a grounded knowledge of the rich Islamic tradition and application of the Islamic disciplines. The course establishes expertise in Islamic Studies and prepares undergraduate students for further academic study. Miftaah Lite is a one year course that transitions into the 3 Year Associate of Islamic Studies Program.

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This course was designed for busy individuals with a zeal to learn the sacred sciences of Islam. This is why half of the course will be held online where class sessions will be recorded. This way students can log on and interact with the teacher as he is teaching and review lessons after on their own time. The course has been tried and tested with results proving that students can learn Arabic by studying part time.

Heart to Heart Teaching

In addition to having the convenience of having class at your leisure on your smart devices, students will have the opportunity to see the teacher live and in person every other week. Although technology has facilitated and enhanced the learning experience in many ways, nothing can beat the tradition of learning while sitting directly in front of a teacher.

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Mufti Abdul Wahab Waheed teaches both Miftaah Online and regular Miftaah Associate Program classes. This is what makes him so adept at combining the two learning methods for Miftaah Lite. He is a co-founder of Miftaah Institute. He also travels extensively across North America for da’wah purposes. Throughout his travels, Mufti Abdul Wahab has addressed communities across the United States – and particularly in Michigan – on a wide range of Islamic issues and, Insha'Allah, continues to do so with the tawfiq of Allah ﷻ. Read full bio here.



Al-Madinah Community Center

3151 Chollett Dr., Toledo, OH

Semester Breakdown

Winter: January 16, 2019 - May 2, 2019

Fall: September 8, 2019 - December 15, 2019

Tuition (Per Semester)

$150 per Individual

$250 per Family (2-3 people)

*Tuition Assistance Available



Weekly: Wednesday 7:00 to 9:00 PM (Online)

*Beginning Jan. 16th

Biweekly: Thursday 7:00 to 9:00 PM (On-Site)

*Beginning Jan. 24th

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