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Glad tidings to that individual who becomes a Miftaah (key) towards good and a lock towards evil.
— Prophet Muhammad ﷺ (Sunan Ibn Majah)

Our Mission

Miftaah aims to preserve the practice of the Prophet ﷺ and his beloved companions by teaching and learning Ilm in a sacred manner. We strive to help build men and women in our communities that can serve and preserve this sacred religion.

The team of teachers and scholars at Miftaah Institute are growing to meet our communities needs and interest. As we continue to grow and serve our communities, we kindly ask that you join us in contributing to the success and development of our youth, students, and members at large. We thank you for your continuous support and we pray you remain steadfast on this journey of knowledge with us.

 Upcoming Events and Seminars

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Shuarauna: Our Poets

Mufti Abdul Rahman Waheed takes us through the rich poetic tradition of Islam. Season 1 was focused on Allama Iqbal.

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10 Surahs to get hooked on

A look at 10 Surahs that every believer should know with Shaykh Abdullah Waheed.


Gems from the Seerah

Shaykh Mohammed Ishtiaq analyzes gems from the seerah and how they relate to us today.