Brief History

Miftaah Institute is an open and inclusive environment for people seeking Islamic knowledge. In 2015, Miftaah Institute was established in Warren, Michigan. Founders sought to empower and educate people through an accessible and an approachable platform. 

Due to the efforts to revive traditional Islamic knowledge, in 2015,  the first academic, Educational Associates Program was launched. The undergraduate program welcomed the first class of 2018. Miftaah Institute continues to flourish, accepting new enrollments yearly and actively presenting variety of workshops and seminars throughout North America. By the end of 2017, the first ever annual Seerah Intensive Program was initiated, allowing people to study and connect to the Prophet ﷺ .  

In 2018, to reach out to more people, even globally, Miftaah Institute constructed an online Academic Program. Additionally, Miftaah Institute held the first, annual Mercy to Mankind Conference which featured how the Prophet ﷺ exemplified mercy as a community member, leader, towards his family, and more. 

Excellence in Teaching

Faculty are well-rounded, mentors, and advisers. Like the student body, they are diverse and will work with students as a team. Instructors encourage and promote an intellectual and inclusive environment to foster students to thrive in their respective disciplines. These educators help students develop positive identities and think critically.