HDT 371: Principles of Hadith I

This course introduces the student to the mustalah al-hadith. Classification of a hadith is based upon the chain of narration, context, strength of the narrators, number of narrators, etc. This course covers the very basic definitions pertaining to the classification of the hadith. The student will be able to comprehend the basic and common terminology used to classify hadith upon completing this course.

Book(s): Khaīr al-ʾUṣūl | Credits Earned: 3 | Duration: 1 Year 


Course Objectives 

Ø  The difference between general and specific Ahaadith

Ø  The process of abrogation

Ø  In depth undersdtanding of the various statutes  of Ahadadith

Ø  How a Hadith is renderd Dhai’f or Saheeh

Ø  What makes a Hadith Mawdhu’

Ø  This science also explains the exact meanings of certain language usages and styles, the context of certain verses and ahadith