Introduction to Prophetic Traditions

This class is an introduction to the comprehension of primary religious sources in their original language and forms the basis of one’s ability to interpret, analyze, and apply Islam’s holy texts. Using the concise and to the point sayings of God’s Messenger (pbuh) collected in the classical text Zad al-Talibin, students will begin to utilize concepts learned in their morphology and syntax classes to understand the Prophet’s (pbuh) words. A discussion of the grammar and vocabulary included in each hadeeth will be accompanied by a lesson on the hadeeth’s meaning and a discussion of its application in our place and time.

Course Objectives

Ø  Modern understanding of hadith

Ø  Contemporary issues relating to hadith

Ø  In-depth analysis of words

Ø  Thorough understanding of Iman

Ø  Etiquettes of learning and teaching knowledge

Ø  The foundation of Islamic Knowledge

Ø  Understanding the importance of sincerity

Ø  Memorization of hadith

Ø  Writing new vocabulary words from each Hadith