FQH 115: Islamic Jurisprudence II

This course is a continuation of Introduction to Islamic Jurisprudence 101. The course introduces students to rulings regarding aspects of the ritual prayer (Salāh) not dealt with in the 101 version of this course. In particular, this course gets into the specifics of the prayer times, the actual performance of the prayer, rulings related to different types of prayer, and the Athan and Iqamah.  Along with being a study of the actual issues pertaining to ritual prayer, since the book used in this course is in Arabic, the course also develops students’ Arabic reading comprehension and introduces them to a multitude of valuable Arabic terms that frequently come up in juristic texts. The course primarily focuses on the rulings and understandings of the Hanafi school of thought, but gives reference to differences of opinion amongst the schools.

Books: Al-Fiqh al-Muyas̈ar | Credits Earned: 3 | Duration: 1 Year


Course Objectives 

Ø  Cite textual evidence for ritual practices of Islam

Ø  Details of the various timings of prayers

Ø  Understanding the reality of Mash on socks

Ø  Detailed explanations of the five pillars of Islam

Ø  Explain the jurisprudence (fiqh) related to their practice

Ø  Explain the cleansing process needed for different circumstances and different practices