ARB 341: Intermediate Arabic Grammar

Designed to develop a higher level of Arabic grammar, this course incorporated a more detailed and advance revision of the Arabic grammar learned in the previous courses. Arabic grammar is now taught in the Arabic medium as students relearn all the definitions and terminology in Arabic. While learning the theoretical aspect of grammar, students are constantly exposed to extensive exercises and drills which allow them to practically implement their knowledge of the Arabic language.

Books: Al-Naḥw al-Wāḍiḥ I | Credits Earned: 3 | Duration: 1 Year 


Course Objectives 

Ø  Fluency in reading short Arabic passages with Tashkeel

Ø  Developing the skill to find root words and identify the base letters for Nouns and Verbs 

Ø  Memorization of new vocabulary words

Ø  Comprehending Arabic passages on one’s own 

Ø  Analyzing the many types of past tense such as Continuous and Habitual

Ø  Developing skills to interchange a verb to different tenses