ARB 301: Advance Arabic Morphology

This is the final and most advance course in Arabic Morphology in the curriculum. After revising all rules in detail, which govern the law of Arabic Morphology, students learn the various scales of the Arabic verbs (baab). The method through which words are derived from their original patter (taleelaat) is discussed in detail and extensively. Memorization through implementation of exercises allows students to recognize the verbal constructions. Upon completion, students are able to differentiate and identify the scale of every verb in the Arabic language.

Book(s): ʿIlm al-Ṣiīġah | Credits Earned: 3 | Duration: 1 Year


Course Objectives

Ø  Review of the categories of Triliteral Verbs 

Ø  Review of all 6 categories of verbs 

Ø  Deriving examples from the Holy Quran in relation the topic covered and discussed in that class

Ø  Underdtaning Mutal, Mahmooz, and Ajwaf

Ø  In depth research upon 4 letter verbs and their patterns