Beginner Arabic Conversation I

Building upon what is learnt in Introduction to Arabic Grammar, this class aims to reinforce many of the concepts learned in Introduction to Arabic Grammar, increase students’ vocabulary, and introduce them to new grammatical forms. The class focuses on providing students with a firm grasp of phraseology that is common to both spoken and written speech, including, but not limited to, a thorough review of Arabic possessive, descriptive, vocative, and indicative phrases. The class also covers how gender is used in Arabic, the full range of Arabic subjective, objective, and possessive pronouns, and the Arabic broken plural. As with Introduction to Arabic grammar, preparation for class and homework are essential so that students may devote in-class time to communicating in the language rather than talking “about” the language. Upon completion, students will be able to formulate basic sentences and speak Arabic on a beginner’s level.

Books:  Al-Ṭarīqat al-ʿAṣriÿah, Arabic Tutor Credits Earned: 3 Duration: 1 year

Course Objectives

Ø  be able to demonstrate intermediate level of knowledge of the structure of verbs, nouns, and particles

Ø  be able to ecognize and apply classification of word forms and knowledge of words constructions

Ø  be able to demonstrate basic knowledge of conditions of construction of verbs and nouns

Ø  be able to demonstrate measurable improvement in reading, writing and comprehension skills


Ø  Have mastered the Arabic alphabet and sound system, be able to distinguish and pronounce all Arabic sounds, and write accurately from dictation;

Ø   Initiate social interactions, ask for basic information, and be aware of basic cultural aspects of social interaction in the Arab world

Ø  Forms of negation for nominal sentences

Ø   Forms of negation for verbal sentences

Ø  Rhetorical implications and benefits in the Quran