ARB 141: Intermediate Arabic Grammar Syntax

This course provides an in depth look into the foundation of understanding written classical Arabic, Arabic syntax. The course introduces students to the concept of linguistic case and surveys the various shades of meaning lent to nouns by the different cases. The course also introduces to the many ways active participles and verbs affect the meanings of nouns to give them different shades of meaning. Understanding the concepts in this course is a must for understanding any classical Arabic text.

Book(s): Tasheel al-Nahw | Credits Earned: 3 | Duration: 1 Year


Course Objectives 

Ø  Conditional sentences

Ø  Rhetorical implications of varying sentence structure

Ø  Understanding the difference between Declinable and indeclinable words

Ø  The different types of “object” (Mafoul)

Ø  Masculine and feminine nouns

Ø  In depth breakdown of Mansobat, Marfoaat, and Majroorat (words that are always mansoob, AMrfou, or Majroor)