ARB 131: Arabic Conversation II

Building off of what is learnt in Beginner Arabic Conversation I. Like Beginner Arabic Conversation I, this class aims to develop students’ speaking, listening, writing, and reading skills by introducing them to an Arabic vocabulary that is more advanced than what is learned in Beginner Arabic Conversation I, but is still manageable for beginners. The class also introduces students to Arabic morphology, focusing initially on conjugation, but then shifting focus to some of the noun forms that words morph into. As with Beginner Arabic Conversation I, preparation for class and homework are essential so that students may devote in-class time to communicating in the language rather than talking “about” the language. Upon completion, students will be able to formulate sentences that involve verbs and subjects of different numbers, gender, and voice, will have a working knowledge of some of Arabic’s most common and basic noun forms, and speak Arabic on a beginner’s level.

Books: Al-Ṭarīqat al-ʿAṣriÿah, Arabic Tutor II | Credits Earned 3 | Duration: 1 Year



Course Objectives 

Ø  Review of the categories of Triliteral Verbs

Ø  Learning the difference in between the Transitive and intransitive verbs

Ø  Analyzing the many types of past tense such as Continuous and Habitual

Ø  Developing skills to interchange a verb to different tenses

Ø  Understanding the Negation of the verb in all its forms

Ø  Review of all 6 categories of verbs

Ø  Understanding the Nouns of The Instrument

Ø  Creating sentences for all subjects

Ø  Deriving examples from the Holy Quran in relation to the topic covered and discussed in that class