Arabic Grammar Syntax I

This course consists of a systematic study of Arabic syntax and parallels the material learnt in Beginner Arabic Morphology I. The comprehensive text used in this course covers the various classifications of different types of sentences and the different components of a sentence’s anatomy, provides a basic but detailed understanding of the Arabic case system, and discusses how Arabic nouns respond to prepositions and verbs in accordance with the role the noun plays in the sentence. The practice drills and required reading of this course contain more than 3,000 words and prepare students for the study of advanced texts in future years.

Books: Tamrīn al-Naḥw, Tasheel un Nahw | Credits Earned: 3 | Duration: 1 year

Course Objectives

Ø  The word in Arabic and its forms with definitions

Ø  Understanding the various types of phrases such as Associative phrases (Idhafah), Adjectives, prepositional phrases (Harf Jarr), Harf Nasb (“Inna” and its sisters) and pointing words (Ism al-Isharah)

Ø  Nominal sentences (Jumlah Ismiyyah) and its identifiers

Ø  Learning the different identifiers of Ism, Fi’l, and Harf.

Ø  Conditional sentences

Ø  Rhetorical implications of varying sentence structure