Introduction to Arabic Grammar I

This course is designed to provide students with a base level Arabic vocabulary, consisting of words frequently used in everyday speech, and to familiarize students with spoken Modern Standard Arabic. The goal of this course is to begin developing students’ reading, speaking, listening, and writing in Arabic as well as to provide students with a basic awareness of some of the cultural-linguistic norms of the Arab world. Preparation for class and homework are essential components of the course, allowing students to devote in-class time to communicating in the language rather than talking “about” the language. The class time spent speaking in Arabic is designed to mimic as close as possible the experience of being immersed in an Arabic speaking society. Upon completion, students will be able to formulate basic sentences and speak Arabic on a basic level.

Course Objectives

Ø  Obtain basic skills in Arabic writing

Ø  Acquire basic vocabulary related to daily life activities

Ø  Understand the difference between attached and detached pronouns

Ø  Learn how to introduce oneself

Ø  Familiarize oneself with various verb patterns

Ø  Gain basic understanding on reading short and simple Arabic passages