ARB 130: Arabic Literature I

This course aims at giving students a chance to put their Arabic comprehension skills used in their first year grammar and conversation class to use. It also develops those skills. The class uses Sheikh Abu Hassan Ali Nadwi’s classic didactic text Qasas al-Nabiyin (Stories of the Prophets) to provide students with a manageably challenging reading experience. The fun and engaging text of Qasas al-Nabiyin gradually introduces more complicated and varied grammar and vocabulary as the text goes on. Therefore, each qissah (story) becomes like a baby step towards higher level Arabic comprehension for the student. This class gives students the skill and confidence to begin digesting some of the Islamic intellectual traditions most difficult and important works.

Books: Qasas al-Nabiyin | Credits Earned: 3 | Duration: 1 Year


Course Objectives 

Ø  Fluency in reading short Arabic passages with Tashkeel

Ø  Developing the skill to find root words and identify the base letters for Nouns and Verbs

Ø  Thorough understanding of Ibrahim AS story in light of the Holy Quran and prophetic narrations

Ø  Reading passages from the Story of Yusuf AS

Ø  Memorization of new vocabulary words

Ø  Comprehending Arabic passages on one’s own